Sunday, August 17, 2008



Many women are calling Jennifer Love Hewitt simply another HollywoodHypocrite. A few months ago she was openly criticized about her weight gain, at which point she stood up for women's bodies everywhere by saying that hollywood has unrealistic standards.

Then just a few months later, she poses for US weekly with a new slimmer body. See here.

I do not however share the opinion that she is being hypocritical. In her new slimmer body she doesn't look anorexic, she looks slim.

It would be like criticizing someone for wearing make up or doing their hair or buying new clothes. I support every single woman's right to look the way that will make her feel the best.

In fact, I think it's hypocritical of the bigger bloggers to criticize her for losing weight. Just because she stands by the fact that Hollywood has unrealistic expectations doesn't mean she can't lose some chub that came on as probably a product of a bad eating habit and probably makes her feel better.

So Jennifer, for what it's worth, I support you're right to look the way you want to. And I'd never want your job. You never win. You lose weight, you get criticized, you gain it, you get criticized. So much for hollywood glamor.

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