Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A messy life, a messy diet


Right now my living room looks a little like the above picture. You see, we're moving to a new apartment so everything is either in boxes or scattered around like a tornado hit it, and since I live in Texas this may actually be a possibility!

This situation makes eating right particularly a problem. I can't find a fork much less a can of tuna right now, and so cooking is out of the question for the next week or so.

While this is an annoying situation, it's only temporary. Usually I'm incredibly organized and will be even more so with all the new square footage we're adding. This does however bring up a great point.

Being organized makes eating healthy easier.

Jennette Fulda in her new book
Half-Assed: A weight-loss memoir says this about being organized:

I never panned what I was going to eat until I was hungry, which was like waiting until I was drunk to start driving. As a child I would bang the cupboard doors open and closed, pushing aside cans of baking soda or shortening, search for something to satiate my appetite instantly....I was always planning now, more prepared than a Boy Scout. I predicted when I was going to get hungry and started cooking before I was chewing on the refrigerator's insulation strips for sustenance.

Creating meal plans and planning out shopping lists was really never my cup of tea....however waiting until I'm hungry, especially when I happen to be stranded at work and all that there happens to be is pizza in the breakroom and chocolate in my desk, is admittedly not the best idea either.

We've all been there . Eating healthy usually means staying away from take aways, drive through windows, and high fructose infused granola bars and for those of us who are on the run, it's essential to plan meals.

To get started this is a great site that helps you locate good foods. I particularly like frozen grapes as a snack because they are easy to grab. I can put them in the freezer at work and they make awesome snacks!

Hopefully my kitchen will be up and running soon and I too will be able to meal plan.

So here's to more planning.

P.S. For food planning try this site.

**Jennette Fulda also has a blog that preceded her new book. You can find it here and I highly recommend it.**


adventure grrl said...

OMG! How did you get that picture of my office?!?! It looks just like that too. I loved your post today. Have you read "Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Big?" Changed my life. I'm a chunky monkey who gets chunkier when chaos and disorganization fills my life.

So glad I found your blog!

Alex said...