Thursday, August 7, 2008

The reality of Fat and the movement to accept it...


It's what everyone is talking about these days. Should it be accepted? Let's rage against the thin culture of our country, does it cause disease? How much fat is too much fat? When does it become unhealthy? etc etc etc

You could lose your mind reading article upon article about being fat. It usually ends up just making me hungry *cue a cupcake*.

So how do you navigate it?

I've explored it all and find that my views fit in nowhere in any movement.

Fat acceptance is wonderful but I wish they'd change the name to "body acceptance." I agree that not everyone can be a size 2, nor should everyone strive to be. I love the fat acceptance movements best when they are promoting a healthy body image.

What turns me off is those FA movers that are opposed to a fat women's right to lose weight.

Let's face it girls. There comes a point where fat is uncomfortable. The rolls get in the way, your body doesn't move as easily or nicely. Then you've got the health risks....snoring, sleeping disorders, heart disease. And in general it does come down to's what your bone structure can hold. If your 5'2 and 280lbs, your poor bones are crying out because nobody's 5'2 frame is built to hold that.

I also do not buy into the supermodel culture that magazine's promote. Very few people are built like that and we do not promote healthy body images by exposing young girls to this.

I'm more of an in-betweener I suppose. My life long goal is to be healthy and have a good relationship with food. I want to be at a size that fits my 5'4 frame right. Currently I'm not there but you'll see as you journey with me.

So here goes nothing.

Starting weight: 273
Goal weight: possibly 150 but I'll know more when I get there.

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