Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Social eating.


After reading PastaQueen's recent post about this article, I thought I'd go ahead with the trend and contemplate on social behaviors and eating habits.

A group of women ordering the same meal seems innocent enough — unremarkable, even — but there's often something far more complicated lurking beneath the surface. "Women are amazingly accurate at knowing how much other women around them eat," says Patricia Pliner, a psychology professor at the University of Toronto at Mississauga. "Whether their friends polish off their plates has a powerful effect on what they eat." This need to consume no less or no more than the next girl is almost visceral — and many who experience it would sooner admit to a cocaine habit than a competitive-eating one.

Personally I've rarely experienced the phenomenon know as competitive eating. I've never really contemplated on what my friends were eating, nor did I think they would judge me on what appeared on my plate. Well....everyone except my nonna who clearly noticed and would judge.

The concept frankly scares the crap out of me! What an archaic instinct! It isn't as if we still wear animal skins and must compete with each other for the most attractive male.

I guess it's just another example of females comparing themselves to another. It's the underlying root of eating disorders too..."She's so thin and I'm so fat...must. be. thinner."

Why must it be so important to be exactly alike? Granted, I'm not knocking healthy food choices, but to choose something based on what another woman is eating...that's just downright silly isn't it?

You should choose what you eat based on looking great for yourself, not because someone ordered a chicken salad and you don't want to look like a pig!

Women, eat what you want, and if you eat healthily and less do so because
You want to. Look great for's much better motivation than looking good for someone else. I've heard, and believe that the key to losing weight permanently is in doing so for yourself. I'm on that journey right now, and it's so much easier than doing so for someone else.


adventure grrl said...

Whenever I lost weight for someone else (hot guy!) I always gained it back so I totally get this post.

Yes, it must be for ourselves!

Worth-the-Weight said...

aw thanks for commenting!