Thursday, August 21, 2008

Staring my demons in the face....

I work at night as a receptionist. Usually it's just me, the security guard, and maybe some counseling appointments.

Today I really felt like pizza. Ever gotten that craving that you just had to have?

So I called my husband and realized we had a gift card to a local eatery, so we used it to buy two personal pizzas and he came up to eat with me.

Across the room from where I sit is the security guard.

He's very trim. But not emaciated, not that I noticed anyway.

He asks my why our food pantry is unlocked and I let him know that it's fine because we give out food on Thursday so I leave it unlocked most of the day.

Then he looks helplessly at me and asks if he could have some food. I give him a food box.

I notice him staring at our left over pizzas which we had just momentarily stopped stuffing our face with. And it hit me. He really is hungry.....

So I offered him some chicken and mushroom pizza, and he gladly said he was so hungry that he'd accept.

I can't imagine how hard it is for someone who cannot afford food to watch two very overweight fairly well off individuals stuff their face with huge slices of pizza.

I almost disgusted myself.

I wonder, if we spent a little less eating out on a whim and put that money toward feeding the hungry.....well I doubt there'd be anyone hungry left.

I guess it never crossed my mind how many in America go hungry, especially with the medias focus on the obesity epidemic.

I'm an overeater, and today is the first day that has literally disgusted me. Ouch. Today is the last day I ever overeat.

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